We craft productivity software for developers. We engineer our software for happiness.

🥳 r3bl-cmdr alpha coming soon!

r3bl-cmdr is our first terminal app to be launched soon as part of a suite of apps focused on enhancing developer productivity, knowledge capture & sharing, and workflow management.

Here's a video of a prototype of the R3BL CMDR app built using our own TUI engine.

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Ways to contribute

Donations are welcome either in the form of your time or money (contribute@r3bl.org), or just spread the word that we exist.

Our ethos

Our open source products are anchored in the belief that technology should serve the needs of humans and all living things. We strive to understand what makes software usable & useful so that it can unlock more human potential.

To this end, we are hard at work building software that helps software developers be more productive in their remote & async work reality, smile more and be happier in their daily lives 🙂.

If you're a developer, you can use our APIs (crates) now. Please stay tuned for our (end user) product offerings for developers! 🦜

Who we are

We are indie developers. We believe that money is not the only measurable outcome of something that you create or work with others to create. We were born to color outside the lines of conformity.

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